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For over two decades, JD Healthcare has grown to become one of Australia’s major importers of high-end, best in class medical products and devices. Across these years, we have utilised the sales and services expertise of specialist distributors across Australia, to promote and provide education for our range of products, enabling healthcare practitioners to provide safer and more effective outcomes for people in their care.

In March 2020, JD Healthcare entered into a three-way merger with two of its primary distributors namely Marlin Medical and Statina Healthcare thereby forming a new entity – JD Healthcare Group Pty Ltd.

The coming together of these three companies provides JD Healthcare Group with a more streamlined and efficient service model to ensure that we are better positioned tomorrow than we have been in the past, offering our customers the quality products and services that they would expect from one of the leading companies servicing the healthcare sector in Australia.

“Our range of products are uniquely selected from all over the world.”

About us

warehouseBuilding on foundations that have been established over the past two decades, JD Healthcare Group will continue with its core focus in providing solutions for the Safe Manual Handling of people, becoming the most trusted provider of vertical and horizontal transfers, thereby ensuring the safety of caregivers
as well as that of patients.

Historically, JD Healthcare has been regarded as the pioneer in Australia with Air Assisted Transfer devices through representation of the Hovertech range of products and it remains the intention of the company to continue its strong national growth, whilst expanding on its mechanical and non-mechanical offering to further develop our patient-centric product portfolio framework that provides holistic solutions for the patient journey from illness to recovery and beyond, including ease of living, dignity and safety for patients, residents and staff alike.

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A healthy, active person turns several times an hour while he / she sleeps. This movement relieves pressure, stimulates the body, improves circulation, and prevents problems associated with immobility. Bedridden people who do not turn or reposition often enough have a significant risk of developing pressure injuries (most often on the buttocks, sacrum, hips and…

Positioning is relevant for all people who are bedridden or lying in bed for an extended amount of time each day. This might be a person with decreased mobility and/or sensibility, people with deformities, spasticity, pain and people with pressure sores who are at risk of developing pressure sores. Positioning is also relevant to people…

As we covered in our previous blog – ‘performing patient handling tasks safely’, the immobility of a patient or person, can lead to a number of consequences. Here we take a deeper look into the bodily systems immobility can affect. The complications and hazards associated with immobility and according to bodily system are described below:…

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