To maintain a profitable company that ensures consistent growth that will enable us to continually support our staff, suppliers and

To refine our product offering to the “best in class” in order to better serve the healthcare market in Australia, ensuring safer practices for carers and patients alike.

To provide products that are relevant, cost effective, ergonomic and trusted by hospital, aged care and emergency workers.




JD Healthcare Group will seek out the best and most innovative medical devices available from around the world to ensure maximum staff safety and optimum patient outcomes.

JD Healthcare Group will continue to build on its 22 years of industry knowledge to become a true national supplier of innovative hospital and healthcare products.

All JD Healthcare Group’s products will be supported by a knowledgeable, professional national sales team that are able to assess customer’s needs and provide the most suitable solution for their particular situation.

JD Healthcare Group’s after-sales service and training will ensure that all products purchased will be used safely and effectively for the life of the device.




Proudly Australian owned, JD Healthcare Group continues to invest in our people, systems and product divisions to ensure our clients are receiving world class products supported by knowledgeable and reliable customer service personnel.

JD Healthcare Group will endeavour to source leading edge and innovative products from designers and manufacturers all over the world to ensure that Australians are receiving the best care available globally.

JD Healthcare Group will strive for continual improvement through the development and implementation of standards and procedures that provide a level of satisfaction and consistency to our staff, suppliers, customers and patients.