What You Can Do To Reduce the Risk of Manual Handling Manual handling covers a wide range of activities including lifting, pushing, pulling, holding, restraining, throwing and carrying. It includes repetitive tasks such as packing, typing, assembling, cleaning and sorting, using hand-tools, operating machinery and equipment, and handling animals or people. Not all manual handling…

Talking About Infection Control and How To Prevent Infection Transmission… Effective infection prevention and control practices can reduce the risk of infection transmission between patients, healthcare workers and others in the healthcare environment; they are an essential component of safe, quality health care. Infection prevention and control aims to reduce the risk of patients acquiring…

Why Focus On Pressure Injuries? Hospital-acquired pressure injuries (HAPIs) represent a serious clinical and economic problem. The cost of treating HAPIs in Australian public hospitals was recently reported at AUS$983 million per annum. (Source: research.monash.edu – International Wound Journal: June 2020) Pressure injuries take a long time to heal, which has consequences for patients’ quality…

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