Bariatric Acute Expandable Bed Bariatric Acute Expandable Bed Bariatric Acute Expandable Bed Bariatric Acute Expandable Bed Bariatric Acute Expandable Bed

The Bariatric Acute Expandable Bed is a four-section fully-powered profiling bed. The mattress platform (mattress base) can both expand in width and extend in length. These features provide greater patient comfort and allow the patient to turn or be turned and provide more access to the patient for nurses or carers.

Available with or without Scales.

  • Safe Working Load 500kg – suitable for bariatric patients
  • Maximum Patient Weight 450kg
  • Antimicrobial White Epoxy Powder coated
  • Adjustable width mattress platform reduces risk of injury to carers, aids transportation and accommodates all body shapes
  • Mattress Platform accommodates the tallest of patients
  • Adjustable platform aids rehabilitation and mobilising from the bed and reduces risk of carers over-reaching
  • Floor clearance 16.5cm – hoist compatible
  • Three position brake at foot end accessible from both sides
  • Four section electrically profiling frame
  • Four removable and adjustable side rails
  • Easily detachable head and foot boards
  • Patient handset control
  • Supervisor carer unit with electric CPR function
  • Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg – Pressure relief / postural drainage / aids repositioning of patient in bed
  • Lock out functions on carer and patient handset reduces risk of third party use
  • Battery back up – bed still functional if power fails
  • Chair position can be automatically obtained
  • Large castors for ease of movement (3x standard twin castors Ø 150 mm and 1x Ø 150 mm Anti Static and steering twin castor)
  • Central Braking System with a three position pedal at foot side for a greater control: steering / swivelling / braked
  • Corner bumpers to reduce damage when transporting
  • Optional accessories: Auto Regression Backrest; Egress Handle
Total Dimensions 1. Fully Retracted: 226cm L x 105cm W
2. Fully Extended: 242cm L x 135cm W
Mattress Platform Dimensions: 1. Fully Retracted: 200cm L x 90cm W
2. Intermediate Position: 200cm L x 105cm W
3. Fully Extended: 200cm L x 120cm W
Foot Extension From 200cm to 220cm
Highest Position to top of platform: 81cm (scale version 85cm)
Lowest Position to top of platform: 41cm (scale version 45cm)
Electrical Shock Protection Class 1
Liquid Ingress Protection IP 66
Bed Weight 175kg (scale version 195kg)
Safe Working Load 500 kg
Maximum Patient Weight 450 kg
CE Approved
BS-EN60601-2-52 – Compliant
Product Code Product Name Max Patient Weight Overall Dimensions
(Fully Retracted)
Overall Dimensions
(Fully Expanded)
Highest Dimension Lowest Dimension Bed Weight
Bariatric Acute Expandable Bed
226cm L x 105cm W
244cm L x 135cm W
Bariatric Acute Expandable Bed with Scale
226cm L x 105cm W
244cm L x 135cm W