Bariatric Acute Expandable Bed Bariatric Acute Expandable Bed Bariatric Acute Expandable Bed Bariatric Acute Expandable Bed Bariatric Acute Expandable Bed

This robust, high capacity, four section powered profiling bed is ideal for use in any hospital dept involved in the care of bariatric patients. The design features a mattress platform that can be expanded and lengthened, as required, to provide a more comfortable support surface for those bariatric patients of significant size. When combined with the appropriate static support surface or alternating air mattress replacement system, our Bariatric Acute Expandable Bed makes it much easier for healthcare staff to provide the best possible clinical care. There are two models available, the Bariatric Acute Expandable Bed (BAHE-HBB500) and Bariatric Acute Expandable Bed with Scale (BACA-120765-Scale).

  • Robust white epoxy coated steel frame
  • Four section mattress support platform with removable radiolucent panels
  • Expandable mattress support platform – adds up to 30cms to width
  • Extendable mattress support platform, with additional mattress retainer panel – increases length by 20cm
  • Electrically height adjustable
  • Electrically operated retracting (auto regressing) backrest
  • Electrically operated knee break
  • Electrically operated Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg
  • Pre-programmed ‘one touch’ electric profiling for both CPR and Cardiac Chair functions
  • Patient Hand Control to operate a limited range of powered functions
  • Full access to all electric profiling adjustments available from the Attendant Control Panel mounted on the foot board
  • Drop down split side rails can also be easily removed if necessary
  • Both the expandable Headboard and Foot Board are removable
  • Bedstripper (linen shelf) at the foot end
  • Under bed light
  • Central locking twin castors (3 x swivel + 1 with directional lock); locking bar accessible from foot end (both sides)
  • Individual powered functions, on the Attendant Control Panel, can be electronically ‘locked’ for patient safety. The Patient Hand Control provides staff with a mechanical ‘lock out’ capability if needed.
  • Accessory receptacles, located at the head end (both sides), for IV pole and oxygen cylinder holder
  • Receptacle for lifting pole located behind Headboard
  • IV pole, fixed height with two hooks
  • Cable storage hook (behind Headboard)
  • Roller buffers (all four corners)
  • Lithium battery backup
  • Water ingress protection rating – IPX4 (Electric components rated to IPX6)
  • 500kg SWL (max patient weight 450kg)
Total Dimensions1. Fully Retracted: 230cm L x 106cm W
2. Fully Extended: 246cm L x 136cm W
Mattress Platform Dimensions:1. Fully Retracted: 200cm L x 90cm W
2. Intermediate Position: 200cm L x 105cm W
3. Fully Extended: 200cm L x 120cm W
Backrest – Range of Movement0º to 62º
Thigh Section – Range of Movement0º to 32º
Calf Section – Range of Movement7º (angled downwards)
Trendelenburg – Range of Movement0º to -12º (head down)
Reverse Trendelenburg – Range of Movement0º to -12º (feet down)
Bed Weight200kg (approx)
Twin castor size15cm Ø
Maximum Patient Weight450 kg
Safe Working Load500 kg
Product CodeProduct NameExtrasMax Patient Weight
Bariatric Acute Expandable Bed
Bariatric Acute Expandable Bed with Scale
with Scale

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