Advanced Shuttle Chair - B Series Advanced Shuttle Chair - B Series Advanced Shuttle Chair - B Series Advanced Shuttle Chair - B Series Advanced Shuttle Chair - B Series Advanced Shuttle Chair - B Series

Specifically designed to facilitate the rehabilitation of bariatric patients, the attendant propelled ‘Shuttle B Series’ recliner effortlessly adjusts from chair to stretcher profile at the touch of a button. With a safe working load of 454kg and a range of other electrically powered profiling functions including ‘Seat Assist’, Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg, plus the unique ‘Sit to Stand’ poles, our Shuttle™ is an essential piece of equipment for any facility caring for non-ambulant patients of significant size. Ideal for use in ICU, Medical and Rehabilitation wards.

  • Ideal for lateral transfers from bed to the Shuttle™ and back again
  • Electric height adjustment
  • ‘One touch’ powered adjustment for the following patient support surface profiles –
    • Stretcher
    • Chair upright
    • ‘Seat Assist’ mode (chair tilting forward)
    • Recliner
    • Trendelenburg
    • Reverse Trendelenburg
  • Comfortable seat/backrest/leg and arm rest cushions, upholstered in two way stretch pressure-relieving PU fabric, with HF welded seams, for improved infection control.
    Manually height adjustable arm rests
  • Manually adjustable leg rests (independently adjustable for right and left side)
  • Manually height adjustable fold down foot plates (independently adjustable for right and left side)
  • Central locking rear swivel castors (twin wheel design) with additional directional lock mode
  • Front mini swivel castors (twin wheel design) – dual set on each side
  • Removable IV pole – stored underneath chair when not required
  • Removable ‘sit to stand’ ambulation poles for right and left sides – stored underneath chair when not required
  • Fitted with seat belt to help stabilise patient if necessary
  • Storage basket underneath (accessed from the rear)
  • O² Cylinder Holder mounted behind backrest
  • Push bar, located behind backrest, can also swing up into the ‘head board’ position when Shuttle™ in stretcher mode
  • Battery backup provides limited operation when not connected to facility’s power supply. Battery level gauge on one side of chair frame
  • Retractable power lead
  • All powered functions operated from hand pendant
  • 455kg SWL
Width Between Armrests79cm
Seat Depth46cm
Overall Width100cm
Overall LengthMin123cm
Seat Height (in upright chair profile)Min60cm
Height of Patient Support Surface (in stretcher mode)Min76cm
Range of TiltMin15°
Product Weight159kg
Safe Working Load455kg
Product CodeProduct NameSWL
Advanced Shuttle Chair – B Series