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Ergonomically designed to maximise convenience for staff and patient comfort, the Clavia range of stretchers will be a welcome addition to any Day Surgery, Outpatients’ Clinics and Ambulatory Care Departments.

General purpose day surgery stretcher.

  • Solid side rails – drop-down
  • Corner bumpers with integrated accessory receptacles (head and foot end, both sides)
  • Folding push handles (head and foot end)
  • Central locking swivel twin castors + retractable 5th wheel for improved manoeuvrability
  • Three section mattress support platform – choice of two widths
  • Mattress – comfortable hospital grade dual layer foam (10cm); including viscoelastic top layer for added comfort and pressure relief
  • Removable mattress cover – durable, waterproof, slate grey PVC coated Jersey fabric
  • Cleaning – wipe down mattress between patients or remove and launder cover, if necessary, to eliminate risk of cross infection
  • Robust powder coated steel frame for increased strength and durability
  • Trolley base enclosed in a moulded ABS plastic cover for improved aesthetics; also reduces time required for cleaning
  • Electrically operated backrest function, with manual CPR release
  • Electrically operated Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg functions
  • Two Linak column actuators electrically raise and lower the mattress support platform
  • Electrically operated leg rest function
  • Hand Control for all electric functions
  • Pre-programmed ‘one touch’ buttons simplify powered functions, with six profile settings to choose from
  • One removable IV pole – 2-stage, 2-hook
  • Fitted with anti-static chain
  • 250kg SWL
General purpose day surgery stretcher with additional features designed to facilitate a range of surgical procedures.

Additional features

  • Detachable tapered Head Section, integrated into the Backrest, enables the attachment of several specialised Surgical Head Rests
  • Three detachable surgical head support options available:
    • Ophthalmology Head Rest (articulated) with concave support cushion (CFBM-LCA-OPH)
    • Stomatology Head Rest (articulated) with flat support cushion (CFBM-LCA-PLA)
    • Stomatology/ENT Head Rest (non-articulated) with concave cushion (CFBM-LCA-STO)
  • Surgical accessory rails fitted to both sides of backrest support frame
  • Foot pedal control for electric height adjustment
  • Solid side rails – designed to drop-down and slide sideways (towards foot end of stretcher), for improved access for surgical procedures
  • Corner bumpers with integrated accessory receptacles (foot end only, both sides)
  • Folding push handles (head and foot end)
  • Central locking swivel twin castors + retractable 5th wheel for improved manoeuvrability
  • 200kg SWL
CLAVIA FCD Chemo Stretcher
Chemotherapy and Dialysis treatment stretcher.

Additional features

  • Detachable headrest pillow (height adjustable)
  • Height adjustable armrest, fitted with anatomically shaped
  • PU cushion, for added comfort; armrest also designed to swing up behind backrest, to improve access for lateral transfers
  • Mattress corners gently curved, both ends, to enlarge patient support surface
  • All swivel, independently lockable, twin castors
  • 250kg SWL
Multi-purpose clinical examination stretcher for use in ambulatory care services and outpatient departments.
Additional features 

  • Detachable headrest pillow (height adjustable)
  • Solid side rails – drop-down
  • Mattress corners gently curved, both ends, to enlarge patient support surface
  • Central locking swivel twin castors including two with directional locks
  • 250kg SWL
Width of mattress support platform65cm75cm
Length of mattress support platform200cm
Overall width80cm90cm
Overall length (chair profile)155cm
Overall length (stretcher profile)219cm
Range of height adjustment47cm min to 87cm max
Trendelenburg – range of motion0° to 15°
Reverse Trendelenburg – range of motion0° to 6°
Leg rest – range of motion0° to 60°
Twin castor Ø15cm
Safe Working Load250kg
Product CodeProduct NameMax Weight
Clavia LSA Stretcher – 65cm
250 kg SWL
Clavia LSA Stretcher – 75cm
250 kg SWL
Comfort Pillow (Blue)
Removable IV Pole – 2 Stage, 2 Hooks
Cable Reel (incompatible with option
Folding Push Handles (Foot End)
Infusion Bag Hooks on both sides of Stretcher
Folding Push Handles (Head End)
Paper Roll Dispenser at Head End (incompatible with CFBM-BPSRB)
Anti-Static System
Holder for Oxygen Cylinder (incompatible with option CFBM-CLOEC)

Clavia LSA Surgery Stretcher

Clavia FCD Chemo Stretcher

Clavia FSP Stretcher

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