I-MOVE Patient Transport Chair (Stackable) I-MOVE Patient Transport Chair (Stackable)

Attendant propelled, general purpose, patient transport chair.

Additional features

  • Innovative space saving (‘stackable’) design that significantly reduces the storage footprint
  • Large, fixed directional, central locking rear wheels and smaller swivel front castors
  • 200kg SWL
  • Sleek epoxy coated steel frame
  • Vinyl upholstered seat and back support cushions, for enhanced patient comfort
  • HF welded cushion seams for improved infection control
  • Available in a range of contemporary upholstery colours
  • PU cushioned, epoxy coated steel armrests swing up into the vertical position for unimpeded patient access
  • Retractable footrest improves access for patient
  • Removable IV Pole – 2 stage/2 hook design
  • Storage tray (under seat)
  • Fitted with support brackets for adjustable leg rest (under seat)
  • Oxygen cylinder holder
  • Storage space for patient’s files (behind back support)
ProductI-MOVE Patient Transport Chair
Width between armrests58cm
Seat depth46cm
Seat height55cm
Overall width75cm
Overall length105 cm
Front swivel castors12.5cm Ø
Rear Fixed Directional wheels30.0cm Ø (single)
Safe Working Load200kg
Product CodeProduct NameMax Weight
I-MOVE Patient Transport Chair (Stackable)
200kg SWL
Leg Rest – adjustable
Seat belt to maintain patient’s position
Infusion bag hooks
Anti-Static System
Fixed IV pole, 2 stage/2 hook


I-MOVE EZ-GO Bariatric

Looking for a SHIFTing Solution?

Aims to eliminate or reduce required push and pull forces by up to 90%, making safety our number one priority for carers performing lateral movement of ambulatory, non-ambulatory or deceased persons, as well as inanimate objects such as beds and other large equipment.

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