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Lightweight, robustly built and ergonomically designed, this range of patient transport stretchers is ideal for use in hospitals and other clinical environments. The range consists of three models – QA3 Patient Trolley, QA3 Drive Patient Trolley and QA3 Drive Powered Patient Trolley.

QA3 PATIENT TROLLEY SYSTEM: Three models to choose from:
QA3 Patient Trolley: Standard Features
QA3 DRIVE Patient Trolley: Standard Features plus Inbuilt Motorised Drive
QA3 DRIVE Powered Patient Trolley: Standard Features plus Inbuilt Motorised Drive and Powered Functions

Standard Features

  • Full length moulded plastic side rails drop down below the mattress support surface to allow unimpeded access for patients and virtually no gap when laterally transferring to or from a bed. Raising and lowering the side rails is almost effortless due to the counterbalanced pivot mechanism controlling movement.
  • Hydraulic assist height adjustment, using foot controls, accessible from both sides of trolley; exceptional low height for easy and safe patient access
  • Collapsible two stage IV pole, mounted to the outside of the side rail, at the head end. When not required, it folds down into a storage cavity, moulded into the side rail panel.
  • Hydraulic assist Trendelenburg function operated from hand control at side of trolley
  • Gas assist backrest function, activated from hand control behind patient’s head
  • 5th wheel steering significantly improves manoeuvrability and is engaged using foot pedal at the rear of trolley
  • Ergonomically positioned fold down push handles, at the head end, plus another set of fixed push handles behind the backrest reduce effort required when manoeuvring trolley during patient transfers
  • K8 pressure care mattress consisting of dual layer of hospital grade foam, with a viscoelastic memory foam top layer for additional pressure relief; mattress enclosed in a latex-free, breathable, vapour permeable 4 way stretch PU cover, with RF welded seams, for improved infection control
  • Central locking brakes accessed from both sides of trolley, front and rear
  • Oxygen cylinder storage troughs moulded into both sides of ABS plastic cover over trolley base
  • Rotating buffers on all four corners of trolley
  • 320kg SWL

Inbuilt motorised drive offers effortless movement combined with ultimate control. Since people and therefore patients are getting larger, it’s crucial that we take moving and handling issues into account, giving practitioners a trolley on which patients can be moved and positioned as easily as possible.

The introduction of our new touch-activated, motorised DRIVE feature offers a major enhancement in a trolley that already has ease of use, practicality and patient comfort built in. The trolley can also be used in traditional fifth wheel steer mode.

Minimise risks for practitioners dealing with increasing patient weights with powered positioning: the whole trolley platform or the backrest can be raised or lowered electronically from the panel at the foot end.

An additional powered feature places the trolley into the KneeFlex position for easy elevation of the lower limbs for patients having leg and foot procedures – position also provides additional comfort, particularly for patients undergoing abdominal procedures.

There’s also a special CPR feature: return the trolley swiftly to a horizontal, optimal height position for CPR treatment.

Optional Features/Accessories

Product CodeProduct Name
CFAA-22160QA3 800 – includes 80cm wide mattress support platform + 80cm wide K8 Pressure Care Mattress
CFAA-2113220cm Ø single castors
CFAA-21135Reverse Trendelenburg function
CFAA-21138Maximum height increased by 10cm
CFAA-21161Additional IV pole, fixed
CFAA-21191Storage receptacle for patient’s belongings
CFAA-21393Oxygen cylinder (C/D size) bracket with backing plate
CFAA-21152Monitor Shelf with removable Refreshment Tray
CFAA-21152-A1Refreshment Tray only
CFAA-21153QA3 Foot End Extension with 10cm pad
CFAA-21165QA3 Side Rail, Endoscopy Height Extension Demi-frame
CFAA-21172QA3 Side Rail Covers, Grey (pair)
CFAA-21173QA3 Side Rail Covers, Child Print (pair)
CFAA-22188Theatre Pillow with QA3 Mattress Retention Strap
CFAA-21390Push/Pull Bar
CFAA-21159Paper Roll Holder (up to 62cm wide) – universal
Patient Trolley
Patient Trolley
QA3 DRIVE Powered
Patient Trolley
Product Code
Overall dimensions
Side rails up
215cm long x 83.5cm wide
Side rails down
215cm long x 73.5cm wide
Height range
47.5cm min to 77.5cm max (excluding mattress)
Backrest range of movement
0O to 90O
Single castor size
Trolley weight

Looking for a SHIFTing Solution?

Aims to eliminate or reduce required push and pull forces by up to 90%, making safety our number one priority for carers performing lateral movement of ambulatory, non-ambulatory or deceased persons, as well as inanimate objects such as beds and other large equipment.

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