QA4 Surgery Trolley Systems QA4 Surgery Trolley Systems

This highly versatile multi-purpose stretcher combines the functionality of an operating table with the features of a recovery/patient transport trolley, making it an ideal solution for the day surgery/day hospital environment.

  • Single piece moulded plastic side rails fold down well below the top of the mattress, to allow unimpeded access for patients; also designed to be easily removable for improved access during surgical procedures
  • Height adjustable (either hydraulic assist or electrically powered) – exceptional low height capability
  • Adjustable backrest (either gas assist or electrically powered) – horizontal to near vertical range of movement
  • Trendelenburg function (either hydraulic assist or electrically powered)
  • Articulating standard headrest – removable and interchangeable with specialist options
  • Ultra-lightweight leg section – removable with push button release and self-locking mechanism
  • Stainless steel surgical accessory rail (UK) – suitable for all operating table accessories
  • Quality all swivel twin castors provide an exceptionally stable surgical platform
  • 5th wheel steering – significantly improves manoeuvrability and is easily guided by one person
  • Central locking brakes accessed from both sides of trolley, front and rear
  • Fixed push handles, ergonomically positioned on each side of head rest, to reduce effort when manoeuvring trolley
  • 1 x collapsible two stage IV pole, located at head end; receptacle mounted on accessory rail. When not required, during surgical procedures, IV pole stored in brackets fixed to trolley base cover)
  • Oxygen cylinder storage trough moulded into one side of ABS plastic cover over trolley base – suitable for E-size cylinder
  • K8 pressure care 3 section mattress, consisting of dual layer of hospital grade foam, including a viscoelastic memory foam top layer for additional pressure relief; mattress enclosed in a latex-free, breathable, vapour permeable 4 way stretch PU cover, with RF welded seams, for improved infection control
  • ‘C’ Arm access
  • Rotating buffers, with integrated accessory receptacles, at the foot end (both sides)

QA4 Powered Mobile Surgical Trolley

Comprehensive solution for an attendant-propelled surgery stretcher, designed to handle a larger patient cohort, in the day surgery environment

Additional Features

  • Electric height adjustment
  • Electrically powered Trendelenburg
  • Electrically powered backrest
  • Bi-directional electrically powered traverse for mattress support deck
  • All powered functions operated from Hand Control
  • Manually operated lateral tilt using mechanical handle winder (accessed from one side of trolley deck frame)
  • ‘C’ Arm access under 100% of trolley deck
  • 250kg SWL

Optional Features/Accessories

Product CodeProduct Name
CFAA-21320Ophthalmic headrest with sculptured cushion
CFAA-21322Full width articulating headrest with full width mattress
CFAA-21325Full width headrest with full width mattress
CFAA-21340Shoulder arthroscopy system
CFAA-21347Grey siderail cover for single piece siderail (pair)
CFAA-21348Child print siderail cover for single piece siderail (pair)
CFAA-21355Articulating leg section
CFAA-21357Ultra light weight leg section with UK accessory rail
CFAA-21357EUltra light weight leg section with EU accessory rail
CFAA-21360K8 Pressure care mattress complete (3 section)
CFAA-21370Accessory Trolley
CFAA-21370EAccessory Trolley with EU accessory rail
CFAA-21390Push/Pull Bar
CFAA-21393Cylinder bracket for C/D sized cylinders
CFAA-21395Foot end extension
CFAA-22311Four piece rotating siderails
CFAA-22315EU accessory rail
CFAA-69923/2Replacement Handset
CFAA-10760Storage Cart for Lift-Assist Lithotomy Stirrups
CFAA-10765Simplicity Knee Crutch Stirrups – with Boot Pads
CFAA-10757Lift-Assist Lithotomy Stirrups – Finned Elite
CFAA-10755Lift-Assist Lithotomy Stirrups – Standard – Includes Boot-pads (Max patient weight of 159kg)
CFAA-10758Lift-Assist Lithotomy Stirrups – Heavy Duty – Includes Boot-pads (Max patient weight of 327kg)
CFAA-10756Lift-Assist Lithotomy Stirrups – Elite – includes Boot-pads (Max patient weight of 227kg)
CFAA-691200Boot Pad – for Standard (CFAA-10755 /F-LH350) & Elite (CFAA-10756 / F-LH500) Stirrups
CFAA-691205Boot Pad – for Heavy Duty Stirrups (CFAA-10758 / F-LH720)
CFAA-10220Narrow Arm Table – with Pad (590mm x 210mm)
CFAA-10773Lateral / Prone Arm Support – with pad
CFAA-10775Easy Arm board – Lift to position – with 75mm deep pad (for UK Accessory Rail)
CFAA-10774Easy Arm board – Lift to position – with 75mm deep pad (for EU Accessory Rail)
CFAA-10470-C2Hip Fix™ Rotary Clamp – Hook-on (EU Accessary Rail)
CFAA-10470-C1Hip Fix™ Rotary Clamp – Hook-on (UK Accessory Rail)
CFAA-10248Clamp – Socket – stainless steel (UK & EU Accessory Rails)
Attribute/FunctionQA4™ Powered Mobile Surgery Trolley
Product CodeCFAA-21300
Overall width (brakes off)83.5cm
Overall length210cm
Minimum height68cm
Maximum height108cm
Range of lateral tilt+/- 12°
Product weight160kg
Safe Working Load (SWL)250kg

Looking for a SHIFTing Solution?

Aims to eliminate or reduce required push and pull forces by up to 90%, making safety our number one priority for carers performing lateral movement of ambulatory, non-ambulatory or deceased persons, as well as inanimate objects such as beds and other large equipment.

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