Winco Stretchair S750 Winco Stretchair S750 Winco Stretchair S750

The Stretchair is the perfect solution to help meet the demands of safe patient handling in bariatric patient transport and transfer. This versatile chair offers pendant-controlled powered height and infinite recline to achieve lay-flat positioning.

  • Powered patient positioning lessens potential for caregiver strain.
  • Adjustable vertical height equalises surfaces allowing safer patient transfer.
  • Provides practical mobility and manoeuvrability for patients up to 340 kg.
  • Reduces patient anxiety experienced with other lift and transfer devices.
Flip-up and Adjustable Legrests
Independent legrest and footrest action accommodates patients in traction, casts or similar orthopedic situations where separate positioning is desired.
Four-Button Pendant
Handheld pendant for effortless powered patient positioning for recline and height functions.
Converts to a Lay-Flat Stretcher
The Stretchair® is a powered hi/lo and recline chair that effortlessly converts to a lay-flat stretcher position. Combined with impressive weight-supporting capacity the smooth, powered lift and recline mechanism offers improved and safer patient transport while facilitating transfer from tables, beds or other surfaces that differ in height.
  • Impressive 340 kg patient weight capacity
  • Lap belt, integrated oxygen cylinder holder and IV pole with dual position mounts included as standard equipment.
  • Large rear-mounted storage bin.
  • Quick-connect high-capacity battery.
  • On-board battery recharging system with LCD battery charge indicator.
  • Coiled power cord easily and quickly stores out of the way.
  • Centrally controlled multi-surface 6” (15.25 cm) casters with four-wheel lock and two-wheel steering.
  • Full-width push handle in seated position for easy manoeuvring of chair.
  • Powder-coated frame and metal components for long, durable life.
  • Powered adjustment of height and recline position operated with a four-button pendant.
  • Infinite adjustment of height and backrest positions.
  • Independent legrest operation with flip-up and adjustable length footrests.
  • Adjustable padded armrests lay flush for transfer in lay-flat position, raised as patient side guards, or removed altogether.
  • Seat height adjusts from 55.8 – 76.2 cm.
  • Lay-flat stretcher position adjusts from 76.2 – 96.5 cm.

Optimal for:
Patient Transportation
Emergency Room

Suitable for:
Same-Day Surgery
Long-Term Care

Seat Width (Between Arms)71.1 cm
Seat Height55.8 cm
Seat Depth50.8 cm
Overall Height135.9 cm
Overall Width93.9 cm
Product Weight137.4 kg
Weight Capacity340 kg
Back Height Above Seat80.0 cm
Overall Length Upright114.3 cm
Overall Length Flat182.8 cm or 193.0 cm
with legrests extended
Adjustable Arm Range/Fixed Height76.2 -101.6 cm
Range of Seat AngleStays parallel with floor
Range of Back Angle, Powered80 degree to zero (flat)
Product CodeProduct NameMax Weight
Winco Stretchair S750
340 kg SWL