Isavela Lipofoam

Isavela Lipofoam

Lipofoam™ is made from the highest quality fine cell polyurethane foam for superior performance and patient comfort.

The foam is designed to give you a uniform smooth compression and it may be inserted between post-operative compression garment and suctioned area, or adhered to surface with the use of Hollister™ Adhesive spray.

The foam is easily cut to any desired size or shape making it ideal for arms, chins, abdomen, thighs, or any area uniform healing is necessary.


  • Finest quality medical grade polyurethane foam for patient comfort and consistent compression distribution
  • Gel free for greater flexibility in placement and patient movement
  • Latex free
  • Five (5) Sheets 20 X 28 cm each

Item must be kept in a dark and dry storage.

Product Code
Product Name
20 X 28 cm
Pack of 5
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    Exquisite Bodies is a division of JD Healthcare Group, focusing on Post-Surgical Compression Garments, Scar Care and other Accessories associated with surgeries.

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    The Isavela range is available to buy online on Exquisite Bodies, a division of JD Healthcare Group Pty Ltd. Please click the link below to be taken to the Exquisite Bodies website for more information and purchasing online.

    If you’re a clinic/facility please phone Exquisite Bodies for more information on 1300 855 617.

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