HipSaver Hip Protection Range

HipSaver Hip Protection RangeProtection that’s easy to wear and manage. Designed for the mobility and comfort of residents plus convenience and peace of mind for carers.

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SAFEHIP Hip Protector Range

SAFEHIP Hip Protector RangeThe SAFEHIP hip protectors are based on impact energy dispersion and impact energy absorption. In the event of a fall on the hip, the SAFEHIP hip protector disperses the energy of the impact away from the greater trochanter (hip bone). This means that the energy from the fall is absorbed by the soft tissue and the muscles around the femoral neck, thereby reducing the risk of a hip fracture.

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SafeSox Slip-Resistant Socks Range

SafeSox Slip-Resistant Socks RangeThe slip-resistant dot pattern featured on these socks helps to reduce the risk of injuries associated with slipping and falling.

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