Gate Bure Rise and Go Double
The Bure Rise&Go DB is a cost-effective walker enhanced with a patented power rise function. Thanks to the electric power rise function, Bure Rise & Go DB becomes a combined stand-up, mobility and walking aid in one single product.

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GATE | BURE StandTall Walker Range

Gate Amfibi Hygiene Commodes
The walker creates conditions for much better working ergonomics for those who care for, train and work together with patients. For example, the open design provides increased manoeuvring space and makes access easier when getting up or dressing. The Bure StandTall Walker contributes to reduced workloads and is an investment in personnel health.

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GATE | AMFIBI Hygiene Commodes

Gate Bure StandTall Range
The advantage of GATE hygiene chairs is that they can be quickly adapted to suit the needs of every individual and situation. Adjust seat height electrically: angle the seat with the tilt function and customise it with accessories.

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