Glutaraldehyde Spill Kit

This Glutaraldehyde Clean-Up Kit (Plastic Case) contains GPT-1 pre-treatment and neutralizer, and Green-Z® fluid control solidifier. Simply sprinkle GPT-1 over the glutaraldehyde spill and it will turn brown when it has been neutralized. Then, sprinkle Green-Z® to turn the neutralized spill into a semi-solid mass.

5 oz. bottle of Green-Z® solidifier
Nitrile gloves
2.2 pouch of GPT-1 pouch
Ventilated goggles
Glutaraldehyde respirator
Scoop/scraper (2)
30 gallon bag

Product CodeProduct NameQTY
Glutaraldehyde Spill Kit (Refill)
Carton of 12
Glutaraldehyde Spill Kit (Hard Case)
Carton of 6
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