Chemotherapy Spill Kit

This Chemotherapy Spill Kit is designed for the cleanup of spills involving cytotoxic drugs. It features the Safetec® Green-Z® solidifier to solidify and contain hazardous chemical spills for quick and easy cleanup and disposal with minimal exposure.

(Kit includes Safetec® Green-Z® solidifier, a chlorine free, fast acting super absorbent polymer that eliminates splashing by solidifying and turning spills into semi-solid (gel) mass)

2 x Pairs of Nitrile Gloves
1 x Safety Shield
1 x Open Back Gown
1 x Green-Z® Solidifier (21g. Pouch)
1 x Scoop & Scraper
2 x Wiper Pads
1 x Super Barrier Zorb Sheet (30 x 30cm)
1 x Sharps Disposal Container (147ml Bottle)
1 x Red Bio-hazard Waste Bag (83 x 101cm)
1 x Twist tie
1 x Identification tag
1 x Instructions

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Chemotherapy Spill Kit Refill