Henro-Grip - Adult

With UNI-DOS you get a simpler and safer dosage of medicine for users who need more units of medicine at a time daily. UNI-DOS secures that the user receives the exact amount of medicine.

UNI-DOS makes it easy for user and a possible caregiver to control if the medicine has been taken.

UNI-DOS is manufactured with enviromentally friendly materials that is 100% recyclable if treated professionally. UNI-DOS is constantly quality controlled from raw material to final product.

  • Bottom made in ABS
  • Lid made in SAN
  • The materials meet the DGVV demands
  • Baring writing in Braille
  • Made in Denmark
  • Medicine dosage system for users who take many kind of pills daily
  • The lid has extension stop at each compartment, which secure that user only take pills from one room at a time
  • The writing field for user’s name secures that the correct user gets the medicine

UNI-DOS is dishwasher safe

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Henro-Grip Uni-Dos Pill Dispenser
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