HoverJack Evac 2 HoverJack Evac 2 in use HoverJack Evac 2 in use HoverJack Evac 2 in use HoverJack Evac 2 in use

The Evacuation HoverJack® II device was specifically developed to meet the demands of ambulance and other emergency rescue professionals. The Evacuation HoverJack® II can lift and transport bariatric patients, as well as assist in extractions from the home environment, including down stairs. Four air chambers inflate to lift the patient from the floor in a seated or supine position, maintaining patient dignity and minimising risk of injury to the crew by creating a no-lift environment.

*Wedge pillow sold separately.

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  • Air chambers inflate to lift the bariatric patient from the floor in a supine or seated position, creating a no-lift environment for the crew
  • Tapered head-end, adjustable inflation chambers, and steering straps improve manoeuvrability around corners and down most stairwells
  • Quick-release valves expedite deflation to lower patient when needed
  • Support skirt with replaceable Teflon coated bottom allows device to be used across rough terrain
  • Weight capacity of 318kg for stairwell evacuations or 545kg for vertical lifts accommodates most patients

The EMS Evacuation HoverJack® Device is used to lift a patient in supine position from the floor to bed or stretcher height, utilising the HoverTech Air Supply to inflate each of the four chambers. The Evacuation II HoverJack can also be used to evacuate patients up or down stairs in the event of an emergency.


  • Patients unable to assist in their own vertical lift, such as after a fall
  • Patients whose weight or girth poses a potential health risk for the caregivers responsible for lifting or moving said patients


  • Patients who are experiencing thoracic, cervical or lumbar fractures that are deemed unstable, unless using in conjunction with a spinal board (follow your state’s protocol regarding use of spinal boards)

Hospitals, long term or extended care facilities, patient transport services and EMS.

MaterialTopside Material: Nylon oxford / nylon
Skirt: Cordura® fabric
Underside Material: Teflon® impregnated polyester
Width32” (81cm)
Length72” (183 cm)
Height30” (76 cm) Inflated [each chamber 7 1/2” (19 cm)]
Max Patient Weight544 kg
Compatible DeviceHTAIR2300 Air Supply Unit
Product CodeProduct NameDimensionsQTYMax Weight
HoverJack Evac #2 32
82 cm W x 183 cm L x 76 cm H (inflated)
544 kg SWL (vertical lift), 317 kg SWL (stairwell evacuation)

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