HoverSling Repositioning Sheet HoverSling Repositioning Sheet in use HoverSling Repositioning Sheet in use HoverSling Repositioning Sheet with Air Supply

The breathable HoverSling Repositioning Sheet functions as both a HoverMatt SPU and sling to streamline manual handling tasks and reduce the amount of time and money spent using multiple products. With the HoverSling Repositioning Sheet, caregivers can use one product for lateral transfers, boosting, positioning, turning and lifting. The patient also benefits from trusted HoverMatt air technology that reduces skin shear during transfers and repositioning, using the HoverTech Air Supply (MHHT-2300). Also features eight polyester webbing sling support straps (four per side) with loop attachments, enabling caregivers to vertically lift the patient and laterally turn them, with the assistance of a mobile or ceiling hoist.

  • Combined air transfer mattress and lift sling simplifies product selection to provide a comprehensive approach for patients who require vertical and lateral transfers, turning and repositioning
  • Unique lift sling design secures and cradles limbs for even support
  • Air transfer technology reduces potential for skin shear and bruising, while improving patient safety and comfort
  • 454kg weight capacity accommodates a large range of patients, including bariatric patients
  • Radiolucent/MRI compatibility allows product to stay in place during diagnostic imaging
  • Compatible with HoverTech air supplies: HTAIR2300 (Variable Speed)
  • Variable speed air supply (sold separately) facilitates a variety of inflation speeds for patient comfort

The HoverSling® Reposition Sheet is a combination air-assisted transfer mattresses and lift slings. When used as an air-assisted transfer mattress, the HoverTech Air Supply inflates the HoverSling to cushion and cradle the patient, while air simultaneously escapes from the holes on the underside, reducing the force needed to move the patient by 80-90%1.. In this capacity, the HoverSling can be used to assist caregivers with lateral patient transfers, positioning, turning and proning. The HoverSling can also be used for vertical patient lifts with a loop style hanger bar.

1. J. Barry, ‘The HoverMatt System for Patient Transfer: Enhancing Productivity, Efficiency and Safety’, JONA, Vol. 36, No. 3, 2006, pp 114-117


  • Patients unable to assist in their own lateral transfer
  • Patients whose weight or girth poses a potential health risk for the caregivers responsible for repositioning or laterally transferring said patients


  • Patients who are experiencing thoracic, cervical or lumbar fractures that are deemed unstable, unless using in conjunction with a spinal board on top of the HoverSling (follow your state’s protocol regarding use of spinal boards) for lateral transfers.

Hospitals, long term or extended care facilities.

MaterialTop: Polyester knit
Bottom: Nylon Twill
Width39″ (99 cm), 50″ (127 cm)
Length75″ (190 cm)
Max Patient Weight454kg
Compatible DeviceHTAIR2300 Air Supply Unit
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If a HoverMatt® SPU is laundered, it will no longer
inflate when connected to the air supply. The “DO
NOT WASH” label at the foot-end of the product will
dissolve and state “DISCARD IMMEDIATELY”.

Required Accessory for use as Sling
  • Mobile hoists with sling seats
  • Hoist trolleys
  • Stationary hoists fixed to the wall/walls, floor and/or ceiling
  • Stationary free-standing hoists
Product CodeProduct NameDimensionsQTYMax Weight
HoverMatt Repositioning Sling 39”
99 cm W x 190 cm L
Box of 5
454 kg SWL
HoverMatt Repositioning Sling 50″
127 cm W x 190 cm L
Box of 5
454 kg SWL

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