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The AirWedge Adjustable Positioning Device inflates to lift and position the head and chest of a supine patient with minimal effort and greatly reduced manual handling risk for staff, using HoverTech’s variable speed Air Supply (MHHT-AIR2300). The dual chamber design allows the patient’s head and chest to be adjusted separately, making it easier to achieve ear to sternal notch positioning regardless of the patient’s body type.
Separate inflation/deflation valves, located on either side of the head chamber, offer easy access for independent inflation and adjustment of each chamber. Heat-sealed construction and a microbial-controlling nylon fabric facilitate cleaning and minimise infection risk.

  • Two chamber design provides maximum adjustability of head, neck and chest
  • Low profile when deflated allows products to be left underneath the patient in between uses
  • Inflation/deflation valves located on either side of the head chamber offer easy access for inflation and adjustment of the head and chest chambers
  • Heat-sealed construction and a microbial-controlling nylon fabric facilitate easy cleaning and minimise infection control risk
  • MHHT-AIR2300 Air Supply delivers variable speed inflation for optimal patient positioning and efficiency, inflating in seven seconds and deflating in fifteen seconds
  • Weight limit of 363kg. Accommodates most patients
  • Variable speed Air Supply allows caregiver to control inflation for patient safety and comfort

The AirWedge® Adjustable Positioning Device is used to pneumatically lift and position the head and chest of a patient who is lying in the supine position without manual lifting. It may also be used to elevate legs, feet, etc.


  • Patients who are unable to position themselves for procedures or general patient care


  • Patients who are experiencing thoracic, cervical or lumbar fractures that are deemed unstable

Hospitals, long term or extended care facilities.

MaterialDouble-coated polyurethane nylon twill
ConstructionRF Welded
Width56 cm (Deflated) | 58 cm (inflated)
Length79 cm (Deflated) | 76 cm (inflated)
Length28 cm (inflated)
Max Patient Weight363 kg
Compatible DeviceHTAIR2300 Air Supply Unit
More InfoLatex Free
Product CodeProduct NameDimensionsQTYMax Weight
HoverTech AirWedge
Inflated: 76cm L x 58cm W x 28cm H
363 kg SWL

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