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All the patient trolleys are designed for maximum ease of use combined with superior patient comfort. Its compact construction is light weight yet robust, and its advanced steering system and ergonomically positioned pushing handles make it supremely manoeuvrable and easily guided by one person. The trolley has a low height and the cot sides store away under the mattress footprint to give a virtually zero transfer gap. The back rest is gas assisted for easy lifting and Trendelenburg (and reverse Trendelenburg) tilt can be operated instantly at any height from the head end.

QA3 PATIENT TROLLEY SYSTEM: Four models to choose from
QA3 Patient Trolley: Standard Features
QA3 DRIVE Patient Trolley: Standard Features plus Inbuilt Motorised Drive
QA3 Powered Patient Trolley: Standard Features plus Powered Functions
QA3 DRIVE Powered Patient Trolley: Standard Features plus Inbuilt Motorised Drive and Powered Functions

Standard Features

  • Smooth Trendelenburg tilt
  • Vertically operated side rails
  • 5th wheel steering
  • Exceptional low height
  • Polyurethane tyres offer low rolling resistance, 150mm castors fitted as standard
  • Four ergonomical pushing handles
  • Gas assisted backlift
  • Smooth moulded surfaces minimise dirt traps
  • Fixed transfusion pole Hydraulic lift mechanism
  • Cylinder trough
  • K8 pressure care mattress

Inbuilt motorised drive offers effortless movement combined with ultimate control. Since people and therefore patients are getting larger, it’s crucial that we take moving and handling issues into account, giving practitioners a trolley on which patients can be moved and positioned as easily as possible.

The introduction of our new touch-activated, motorised DRIVE feature offers a major enhancement in a trolley that already has ease of use, practicality and patient comfort built in. The trolley can also be used in traditional fifth wheel steer mode.

Minimise risks for practitioners dealing with increasing patient weights with powered positioning: the whole trolley platform or the backrest can be raised or lowered electronically from the panel at the foot end.

An additional powered feature places the trolley into the KneeFlex position for easy elevation of the lower limbs for patients having leg and foot procedures – position also provides additional comfort, particularly for patients undergoing abdominal procedures.

There’s also a special CPR feature: return the trolley swiftly to a horizontal, optimal height position for CPR treatment.

SPECS QA3 Patient Trolley (21110) QA3 DRIVE Patient Trolley (21112) QA3 Powered Patient Trolley (21116) QA3 DRIVE Powered Patient Trolley (21114)
Overall Length 2150mm
Overall Length 835mm (side rails up) | 735mm (side rails down)
Height (ex. Mattress) 475mm to 775mm
Trolley Weight 128 kg 143.5 kg 141 kg 148 kg
Max User Weight 320 kg
Product Code Product Name Max Weight
QA3 Patient Trolley
320 kg SWL
QA3 DRIVE Patient Trolley
320 kg SWL
QA3 Powered Patient Trolley
320 kg SWL
QA3 DRIVE Powered Patient Trolley
320 kg SWL