Raizer Lifting Chair Raizer Lifting Chair Raizer Lifting Chair Raizer Lifting Chair Raizer Lifting Chair

Raizer II is a mobile lifting chair that helps people who have fallen on the floor to get up again in just a few minutes. Raizer can be operated by a single assistant and requires only limited physical effort beyond the help of a supportive hand.

This is an updated version – new design and features – of the original Raizer.

Patent number: 2015383978

  • All surfaces of Raizer II are designed to be very easy to clean
  • New surface makes it possible to disinfect Raizer II
  • 4 identical legs and 2 identical back rests ensure correct assembly every time
  • Intuitive sound and LED indicators for correct assembly
  • Improved carry bag and trolley
  • Seat belt can be removed for washing
  • Independently adjustable seat belt placement, on the back rest, ensures improved upper body stability when lifting fallen person
  • Purpose built storage cavity for remote, moulded to the side of seat casing
  • Emergency stop button is more intuitive
  • Service reminder will indicate when Raizer II needs service
  • Battery indicator
  • End stop ensures correct positioning for use and disassembly

Ergonomical benefits
The state of the art lifting chair is a perfect solution for personnel in home care as well as for ambulance services and all personnel working with lifting and moving of individuals with reduced mobility in general.

The assistant can handle aid and the person on the floor with minimal physical effort and without assistance, therefore lifting and moving don’t put the assistant’s back, arms, etc at risk.

Easy to transport
Liftup’s Raizer can be disassembled, so that it is easily transported and used anywhere and in any situation. This innovative aid for lifting and moving allows the assistant to help a fallen person to sit or stand in a few minutes (including the assembly) from arrival on site.

Simple handling
Raizer is carried disassembled to the place where it is to be used and is battery operated via a remote control.

Exclusive design
Liftup has cooperated with a partner in design and innovation to achieve the exclusive expression of the Raizer. All the materials are carefully selected with focus on stability and durability and in consideration of both helper and the fallen.

Lifting Time20-30secs
WeightSeat 8.5 kg + legs and backrest 4.5 kg – total 13 kg
ChargerUSB charger and 15W charger for standard power socket
Number of lifts on a full charge40 at max. load. Approx. 80 with an average load
Charging timeUp to 6 hours
Charging of empty battery10–15 min = 1 lift
ComplianceAS/NZS 4268
Warranty1 year
Product CodeProduct NameMax Weight
RAIZER II Lifting Chair – including remote control, carry case, cover for seat, battery charger 15W, USB charger and packing.
150kg SWL

Part of the LIFT Solutions Range