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Australian designed and manufactured, the battery powered Easi Rider Ride On Tug not only eliminates the manual handling risk involved in moving heavy trolleys, large waste bins and bulky mobile equipment, but also removes almost all the associated physical effort as well.

Surprisingly compact, with an extremely low centre of gravity and an almost indestructible heavy gauge steel design, this ride on tug/bin mover offers exceptional manoeuvrability and towing capacity.

  • Fingertip control, no muscular strain
  • Automatic breaking
  • Quiet operation
  • Neat and compact design to fit through standard doors
  • Rated for slopes and ramps
  • Increases efficiency and staff morale

  • 24V DC motors with rechargeable batteries and LED indicator (includes external battery charger)

Safety Features

  • Emergency Stop
  • Automatic Brakes
  • Horn
  • Key Lockout
  • Additional Electronic Lockout Available


  • Joystick controls movement of machine
Designed for trolleys with 20mm – 40mm square/round tubular steel frames. Operator can manually adjust height using his/her foot. Range of height adjustment – from floor to 330mm high. Also pivots, on the horizontal plane, through an arc of either 110° (55° left and right) or 150° (75° left and right).

  • Linen trolleys
  • Hospital meal trolleys
  • Stores & workshop trolleys
The Pin Hitch bracket is designed to be mounted in one of two ways – pin direction pointing up or down, depending on the type of trolley tow hitch to be attached.

  • Linen trolleys
  • Hospital meal trolleys
  • Trolleys with hinged tow bar
  • 660lt & 1100lt Wheelie Bins
  • Stores trolleys
Total Height1160mm
Platform Height120mm
Pulling Capacity1500kg (less on gradients – refer Operator Manual)
Max. Speed5km/h
Charge CycleOvernight for 8 hours
Power24V DC motor with rechargeable batteries and LED indicator
OperationJoystick controls movement in every direction – forwards, reverse and sideways
Safety FeaturesEmergency stop, automatic brakes, horn, key lockout, electronically lockable controller, Bluetooth Connectivity
External Battery ChargerSupplied with the tug
RampsSafe to use on ramps with a maximum gradient of +/- 7°
Product CodeProduct Name
Easi Rider
Adjustable Hitch for Easi Rider

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