Bariatric Racking 3 Tier Cool Room Bariatric Racking 3 Tier Cool Room Bariatric Racking 3 Tier Cool Room

This ‘stand alone’, static 3 tier stainless steel bariatric Mortuary racking unit is designed and fabricated to the highest standards by the Australian manufacturer, Shotton Parmed and has an overall capacity of one tonne.
A mobile version is also available and this allows greater flexibility if racking needs to be repositioned for cleaning or to accommodate future changes to the mortuary layout.

  • Full length rollers suitable for various trays
  • Compatible with a range of body trays on the market
  • 304 stainless steel (3mm sheet/wall thickness) for extra strength, longevity and easier cleaning
  • Static version of this racking unit fitted with height adjustable feet to compensate for any unevenness in the floor surface and ensure each storage space (tier) has a consistent 5° fall from front to back
  • 500kg SWL/storage space (tier) – Overall capacity, for the 3 tier racking unit, is 1000kg.
  • Compact, quick and convenient solution for a hospital needing to expand the bariatric storage capacity, in their mortuary cool room, without having to invest in additional fixed racking and the potential costs and delays involved in changing the layout.
  • Customisable design – various heights and widths available to suit a large range of body tray dimensions and mortuary layouts
  • Rack to rack locking clamps
  • 4 heavy duty lockable castors (mobile version)
  • Drain Bowl & Bracket – can be installed at a later date
  • Lockable non-slip front roller (Note: This option is highly recommended for the mobile version of this racking system)

Material304 stainless steel
Width840mm (suits 750mm wide trays)
SWL500kg / storage space (tier) – Total capacity of 1000kg for all 3 tiers
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Bariatric Racking 3 Tier Cool Room

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