Pronomic Ultimate Lifter Pronomic Ultimate Lifter

The Pronomic Ultimate 130P is a versatile mobile lifter specifically modified to accommodate the needs of a CSSD department. It offers the ability to electrically lift industry standard loan kit transport boxes, proprietary road show cases and crates from the floor and transfer them to the unpacking bench, eliminating associated manual handling risks in the hospital environment.

  • Upgraded lift capacity of 120kg SWL
  • Mast is equipped with a worm drive electric lift system that requires virtually no maintenance and is significantly more reliable than lifters incorporating a belt or chain drive mechanism.
  • Powered by 24V/12Ah battery, the motor drive system for this new Pronomic 130P achieves a lifting speed of 7.6 sec/1000mm, at maximum load, making it one of the fastest lift trolleys on the market today
  • Customised multi-purpose lift platform designed to handle a range of proprietary road show cases and crates, in addition to the industry standard loan kit transport boxes
  • Ergonomically designed, height adjustable, push handle fitted to lift mast
  • Robust, powder-coated, steel base with widely spaced legs designed to enclose loan kit transport boxes in preparation for the lift. Also provides additional stability during the lift and transfer process.
Product CodeProduct NameMax Weight
Pronomic 130P CSSD Lifter 120K
120 kg
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