HoverMatt SPU Bure Rise & Go DB Bure Rise & Go DB Bure Rise & Go DB Bure Rise & Go DB

The Bure Rise & Go DB means better work ergonomics for carers, trainers and anyone else working with patients. Thanks to the smart power rise assistance, standing up becomes a safe, confident and natural action that does not wear out the backs of health care personnel.

The product consists of a walker and its associated harness and straps. Harnesses are available in different sizes (S, M, L) and they are split at the rear to make e.g. restroom visits easier.

Electrically driven frame widening makes it easy to move the walker right up close to users without worrying about wheelchair width, chair width or bed design. It also makes it easier for personnel to help patients stand up.

The Bure Rise & Go DB reduces workloads and is an investment in personnel health and patient rehabilitation.

Flexible stepless adjustment – Electrically driven height adjustment makes it easy to pre-set the walker to the desired height. Once the patient is standing in position the height can be steplessly adjusted for comfort and the proper support for an optimal walking configuration.

Ergonomic handles – Ergonomically designed handles are steplessly adjustable in every direction for optimum individual comfort. This is extremely important for stroke patients who can thus reach their “usual” hand position.

Folding armrests – Bure Rise & Go DB’s anatomically designed armrests can be folded out to provide the user with an easy means of reaching the handles during the standing manoeuvre.

Unique power rise harness – The power rise harness is designed to reach as far down across the bottom as possible. This provides optimum support, which results in a natural standing action.

Shin support for the standing manoeuvre – Bure Rise & Go DB is fitted with shin supports that make for a better standing manoeuvre; they are height adjustable and can be moved aside simply to create greater space.

Low height – The low floor clearance minimises problems in getting up close to patients e.g. when they are sitting on their beds.

Power Rise – Bure Rise & Go DB is a unique aid for assisting patients or users during the standing manoeuvre. The strain on personnel, and thus repetitive strain injuries, are minimised.

  • Rehabilitation
  • Manual Handling

External Width66-106 cm
Length101 cm
Height90-130 cm
Armrest, Internal Dimension34-67 cm
Max User Weight150 kg
Product CodeProduct NameDimensionsQTYMax Weight
BURE RISE & GO Electric DB (Powered Frame Widening)
150 kg SWL
BURE RISE & GO Electric (Non-Widening Legs)
150 kg SWL
Walker Belt Small/Medium/Large/XLarge
150 kg SWL
Transport Plate / Platform Short
37 cm L x 37 cm W
150 kg SWL
Transport Plate / Platform Long
45 cm L x 37 cm W
150 kg SWL

Part of the LIFT Solutions Range