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StairTrainer is a rehabilitation and training aid. If you have an injury it is important to commence your rehabilitation quickly, to give yourself the most chance of regaining as much of your prior mobility and fitness as possible. StairTrainer is a mobile, fully adjustable staircase that is used to support patients in rehabilitation as they learn to use stairs again.

It features fully adjustable handrails and stair height, making it suitable for children and patients with different treatment needs. This flexibility makes it ideal for helping patients regain confidence when climbing stairs because the rehabilitation can begin on low stairs and the height progressively increased as the patient recovers.

The StairTrainer from Liftup is used extensively by physiotherapists in rehabilitation clinics worldwide. Physiotherapists praise the high treatment success rate, safety standards and ease of use and relocation.

  • Rehabilitation after illness
  • Strength training for walking-impaired
  • Maintenance training for the elderly or walking-impaired
  • Several adjustment options for level of difficulty
  • Simple to transport
  • Digital display enables user to follow progress

Quick and safe rehabilitation
Thanks to the unique StairTrainer it’s now possible to begin rehabilitation at a very early stage. The system makes it possible to begin with very small steps, right down to 2.5 cm. This allows the user to train without being frightened by high stairs or the fear of falling down a long set of stairs.

Digital height adjustment
With the digital display of current height it is possible to recreate the precise position from one time to the next or chart the progress of the user as they rehabilitate.

The StairTrainer can be easily and elegantly transported around as the turning wheels remain active when the StairTrainer is down to the floor. The StairTrainer can pass through an ordinary 90 cm door opening.

The StairTrainer is fitted with a robust banister on each side meaning that the user never needs to fear falling during training.

Length1650 mm
Width820 mm
Height1085 mm
Product Weight105 kg
Max Patient Weight (Note: no load during operation)180kg
Product CodeProduct NameMax Weight
Stair Trainer
180 kg SWL
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