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With the affordable Alumi-Hand you trade the hazards of lead for a sterile, single-use disposable, X-ray compatible hand immobilizer. The Alumi-Hand is made with a pliable aluminum interior for easy hand positioning and a foam exterior for patient comfort. Available in Large only.
TGA for Alumi Hand: ARTG 198376


Just like the Alumi-Hand, the Dura-Hand is lead-free, X-ray compatible and made of pliable aluminium with a non-latex coating. Available in Paediatric, Large and XLarge sizes. Note: Always sterilise Dura-Hand prior to use. If the external coating is cracked, it is recommended that the device be discarded immediately.
TGA for Dura-Hand: ARTG 199569

Product CodeProduct NameDimensions
Large Alumi-Hand – Single Use – Box of 4
24 x 21.5cm
Pedi Dura-Hand – Reusable – Each
18.4 x 16.8cm
Large Dura-Hand – Reusable – Each
24 x 21.5cm
XLarge Dura-Hand – Reusable – Each
33 x 26.7cm
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