Siloxaderm Silicone Tape

Siloxaderm Silicone Tape Siloxaderm Silicone Tape Siloxaderm Silicone Tape
Scars need an ideal healing environment to optimise aesthetic outcomes, which involves the appropriate balance of moisture and exposure to oxygen. Silicone scar treatment can fully encapsulate a scar thereby controlling and maintaining this ideal balance.

We’ve sourced the best medical grade silicone to make our very own brand of silicone tape. Introducing Siloxaderm, made from 100% silicone it is friendly to sensitive and fragile skin. It has great adhesion yet it is easy and gentle to remove. Easy to cut to your desired length.

Same tape can be reused up to 5 days, until tape loses adhesiveness. Can be washed with warm soapy water between these days. For best results, use for 12 weeks, or until scar stops responding. Do not use if allergic to silicone rubber. Do not use on open wounds.

Product Code
Product Name
Siloxaderm Silicone Tape – Each
2cm x 3m
Siloxaderm Silicone Tape – Each
4cm x 1.5m
Siloxaderm Silicone Tape – Box of 12
2cm x 3m
Siloxaderm Silicone Tape – Box of 12
4cm x 1.5m
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    Exquisite Bodies is a division of JD Healthcare Group, focusing on Post-Surgical Compression Garments, Scar Care and other Accessories associated with surgeries.

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    Siloxaderm Silicone Tape is available to buy online on Exquisite Bodies, a division of JD Healthcare Group Pty Ltd. Please click the link below to be taken to the Exquisite Bodies website for more information and purchasing online.

    If you’re a clinic/facility please phone Exquisite Bodies for more information on 1300 855 617.

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